Colleagues´ Corner

The photographers and cartoonists below are colleagues and in most cases also good friends of Frank who are allowing their images to appear here gratis. Please click on a name to review the individual's work. (You may also click on any of the rotating images on the home page to reach their work.) Please consider (when available) buying their books.

Jean-Marie Simon

“Jean-Marie Simon’s Guatemala is a country in which history, cultural diversity, exotic beauty and cruelty are reflected on the faces of its Indian peasants, its soliders, its politicians, its protesters and its mourners.” Aryeh Neier

Jeremy Bigwood

Jeremy Bigwood is a frequently quoted investigative journalist, as well as a photojournalist whose images from the Central America wars from 1984 through 1994 were published worldwide.

Martin Lueders

“Marty focuses on people –victims– from Bosnia to Rwanda, from Guatemala to India, from Liberia to Sierra Leone. The scenes are painfully intimate.” FS

Corinne Dufka

Dufka, now a Human Rights Watch senior researcher, was an award-winning photojournalist for the Reuters news agency, covering conflicts in Central America, Europe and Africa.

Donna De Cesare

Donna DeCesare is widely known for her groundbreaking coverage of the spread of Los Angeles gangs to Central America.

Mick Stern

Mick Stern is an accomplished poet, political cartoonist, playwrite and screenplay writer who co-write with Director Lenn Dell’Amico the 2009 film, “Everything Must Go.”

Dan Connell

Dan Connell is a world-renown expert on the Horn of Africa, and especially Eritrea, where spent many years reporting.

Eros Hoagland

As well as documenting the political climate and social impact of conflict, Eros looks for an emotional narrative when approaching reportage projects.

Drew Brown

Drew Brown, a former U.S. airborne infantryman, has covered military affairs almost exclusively for more than a decade.

David Handschuh

A three time Pulitzer nominee, David Handschuh has been working his magic behind the lens for more than 30 years.

Zoriah Miller

Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, museums and publications.

Bill Gentile

“I began my career in the golden days of journalism when the craft still was about information as opposed to entertainment, and when the men and women who practiced the craft believed that information can make a difference.”

Jonathan Moller

“Each moment captured by Jonathan Moller’s camera…sets an example for future generations, so that they may know the past, which is filled with darkness but also contains hope, struggle and optimism.” Rigoberta Menchú Tum

Hector Emanuel

Hector Emanuel is a Peruvian-born photojournalist with a Master’s degree in physics. His photos focus mainly on social and political issues in Latin America and the United States.

Kevin McKiernan

Kevin McKiernan’s career as a journalist and filmmaker has taken him to some of the world’s most troubled regions, from Nicaragua to Iraq to West Africa.

Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace’s assignments have taken him from the remotest corners of the Amazon to the clandestine arms markets of Russia, from the North Slope of Alaska to the sweltering rice paddies of southern Bangladesh.

Neill Le Roux

Neill Le Roux is an art, model, event and news photographer based in South Africa.

Thomas Long

Thomas Long has been a photojournalist, correspondent, editor, documentary producer and analyst for diverse media over three decades.