Jeremy Bigwood

Jeremy Bigwood is an investigative journalist and photojournalist with a background in science. He has written for the American Journalism Review, the Village Voice and many other publications. His research through the Freedom of Information Act has been quoted by many publications including The New York Times. As a photojournalist covering the Central America civil wars from 1984-1994, his images were published worldwide.

On this site, the black-and-white photographs for the cagetories of Human Rights and Armed Conflicts under Browse By Theme on the Home Page are both Jeremy's photographs from El Salvador. The image of the women guerrilla holding an M-16 was taken in the Zacamil barrio of San Salvador during a rebel offensive on November 11, 1989; Frank, who was reporting for CBS News Radio and others at the time, was about ten feet away when Jeremy took this photo. The photograph of the Red Cross convoy was taken a few days later in San Salvador's Escalon neighborhood during the rebel siege of the Sheraton Hotel.

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