Tragedy in Iraq
By Frank Smyth, May 14, 1991, The Village Voice

NEAR THE BORDERS OF SYRIA, TURKEY AND IRAQ -Small waves broke over the sides of the creaky raft that our Kurdish contacts had lashed together from old inner tubes and scraps of plywood. Though it was only about as wide as a city avenue, the river was high with the spring melt, and the water was the color of coffee…

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Who Are Those Guys? How Intelligence Agents Are Trying to Remake the Iraqi Opposition
By Frank Smyth, March 26, 1991, The Village Voice

Beirut — While Secretary of State James A. Baker III made his official visit to the Middle East, the broadest spectrum ever of Iraqi opposition forces met in the…

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Release the Jesuit Tapes
By Thomas Long & Frank Smyth, November 13, 1990, The Village Voice

American officials in both San Salvador and Washington claim that they have cooperated “intensely” with the investigation into the murder of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and her daughter last November. Yet even though State Department officials finally yielded to pressure from Congress to turn over…

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The Truth Will Out
By Frank Smyth, July 31, 1990, The Village Voice

SAN SALVADOR- The official purpose given for Assistant Secretary of State Bernard Aronson’s visit here two weeks ago was to express support for negotiations between El Salvador’s U.S.-backed government and the leftist guerrillas. But the real reason the ranking state department policymaker for Latin America…

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Caught With Their Pants Down: Why U.S. Policy – and Intelligence – Failed in Salvador
By Frank Smyth, December 5, 1989, The Village Voice

Original story can be found here. “I DON’T THINK THEY HAVE the capability,” said a U.S. Embassy official as he sipped coffee one Saturday morning in the tropical setting of his patio. I asked him if he thought rumors of an upcoming rebel offensive were true. “We’ve heard some things,” he said. “But ESAF’s [El

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Waiting for Tet: Salvadoran Rebels Have a Plan for Sunday’s Elections
By Frank Smyth, March 21, 1989, The Village Voice

SAN SALVADOR – THE BRIGHT LIGHTS of San Salvador cut the cool night air. Large spotlights beamed from military bases along the perimeter. Closer to the center, more lights glowed atop the heavily fortified walls of the U.S. embassy. Dressed in black and armed with an M-16, one of my guerilla guides stopped along the

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Secret Warriors: U.S. Advisers Have Taken Up Arms in El Salvador
By Frank Smyth, August 11, 1987, The Village Voice

Original story found here. MR. NIELDS: Well, you put in some blanks. You said “blank” in two places. There’s nothing classified about either of these words. One of them is CIA— LT. COL. NORTH: Well— MR. NIELDS: —and the other is Southern Command. “Delicate state of transition from CIA run op to Southern Command run

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