Colombia’s Gringo Invasion
By Frank Smyth & Winifred Tate, May 3, 1997, Covert Action Quarterly

The US military boasts that its Army Special Forces or “Green Berets” are “the most versatile special operations soldiers in the world.”1 While serving under the Department of Defense (DoD), members of these units, trained in unconventional warfare…

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Green Berets in El Salvador
By Frank Smyth, October 21, 1993, Covert Action Quarterly

Frank Smyth interviews Greg Walker, an ex-adviser in El Salvador who says that senior U.S. officials covered up the combat role of U.S. advisers and hid a pattern of human rights violations by the Salvadoran army.

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Guatemala’s Gross National Products: Cocadollars, Repression, and Disinformation
By Frank Smyth, January 3, 1993, Covert Action Quarterly

In the early 1980s, leftist guerrillas in Guatemala blew up bridges, ambushed army convoys, and attacked military outposts. A decade later, the fighting in Guatemala’s civil war is winding down. Combat between the government and the guerrillas now occurs in only a few departments and only a few times each year. But political violence, almost

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