A war ‘shock and awe’ didn’t win
By Frank Smyth, March 21, 2006, Newsday

Remember when the Bush administration launched its “shock and awe” campaign across Iraq? Even hardened critics were left starstruck watching the bombs rain down on Baghdad and other targets three years ago this week. It was as if the United States were flaunting its firepower while saying to hostile states and forces around the…

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Iraq: No Consensus, No Constitution
By Frank Smyth, August 19, 2005, Newsday

Iraqi negotiators are as likely to agree on a constitution by Monday’s new deadline as American troops are likely to leave Iraq anytime soon. If leaders ultimately fail to reach a consensus, however, we could end up occupying Iraq for years…

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U.S. Sends Wrong Message to the World
By Frank Smyth, July 2, 2005, International Herald Tribune

Restrictive regimes around the world came out ahead when the U.S. Supreme Court announced this week that it would not hear an appeal by two journalists in a case involving the leak of a CIA officer’s name. The…

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After Iraq’s Wartime Elections
By Frank Smyth, February 7, 2005, Foreign Policy in Focus

Robert Fisk is the award-winning journalist of the London-based Independent newspaper, and he has long been a consistent critic of American imperial policies in the Middle East. “But it was the sight of those thousands of Shi’ites, the women mostly in black hejab covering, the men in leather jackets or long robes, the children…”

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Next test: insurgents
By Frank Smyth, February 1, 2005, Newsday

The Bush administration looks like it has finally scored a ringing success in Iraq. But, if one objective of Sunday’s elections was to help defeat Iraq’s ongoing insurgencies, then the exercise failed.

The question now is how Iraq’s next government will handle the insurgents. Before Sunday, they threatened voters. But U.S. troops led the effort to secure polling stations, while more than half of Iraq’s eligible voters defied insurgent threats and exercised their first real chance for self-empowerment in history.

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Kven er dei progressive i Irak?
By Frank Smyth, October 14, 2004, Dilettant

Ei hending i Irak denne månaden (september 2004, red.anm) vart ikkje nemnd i verken mainstream media eller i den alternative pressa, dette til trass for at hendinga gjev signal om at amerikansk kontroll over Irak si politiske framtid allereie…

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Chi sono i progressisti in Iraq?
By Frank Smyth, October 10, 2004, Amisnet

Sia la stampa “alternativa” che quella ufficiale hanno dimenticato di riportare un evento che dimostra come il controllo americano sul futuro dell’Iraq sta forse tramontando.

Ad agosto, la Casa Bianca ha sostenuto la nascita di un Consiglio Nazionale Iracheno, formato da oltre cento gruppi tribali, etnici, religiosi, nella speranza di influenzare la composizione di un corpo elettorale. Durante il mese scorso, due grandi partiti politici, entrambi guardati da sempre con sospetto a Washington, hanno guadagnato terreno.

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