The Legacy of Berta Cáceres: What Environmentalists Can Learn From Human Rights Groups
By Frank Smyth, July 19, 2016, Philanthropy News Digest

Does anyone doubt a link between the work of frontline environmentalists and global warming? Yet how many activists, let alone the public, are aware of the rising murder toll of local environmental activists?

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“This is War”: How the CIA Justifies Torture
By Frank Smyth, December 12, 2014, The Progressive

A Defense Department spokesman, Marine Captain Jay C. Farrar, said it is “highly doubtful” that these courses of­fered instruction in abusive interrogation techniques. But according to U.S. Army Special Forces advisers formerly stationed in the region, small courses for selected Salvadoran soldiers regularly included training in “negative-incentive” methods.

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Practicing journalism in a smaller, riskier world
By Frank Smyth, July 1, 2011, Montana Journalism Review

Practicing journalism in a smaller, riskier world By Frank Smyth                 I’m old enough to have handled Moveable type — long, rectangular pieces of steel or lead with a letter, character, number, punctuation mark or space forged at one end. In 1976, at 15, I had a part-time job as a letterpress clerk at my hometown

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Jeremy Bigwood
By Webmaster, September 25, 2010, Colleagues´ Corner

Jeremy Bigwood is a frequently quoted investigative journalist, as well as a photojournalist whose images from the Central America wars from 1984 through 1994 were published worldwide.

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