Gun Reform Needs Grassroots Activists Not Astroturf
By Frank Smyth, October 29, 2017, The Progressive

Gun Reform Needs Grassroots Activists Not Astroturf Talk of gun reform after the Las Vegas country music massacre has faded within just weeks. Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, has made a plea to regulate “bump stocks,” a marginal step, and Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, has introduced gun legislation he predicts will fail. Conservative pundits

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Fresh off victory, NRA looks toward 2014
By Frank Smyth, April 24, 2013, MSNBC

Fresh from its biggest legislative victory in years, the gun lobby is gearing up for its next project: backing their congressional champions in the 2014 midterm elections. But this time the landscape will be different. At least one, if not more, gun reform groups are promising to spend millions of dollars challenging those incumbents who

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