Guatemala’s Gross National Products: Cocadollars, Repression, and Disinformation
By Frank Smyth, January 3, 1993, Covert Action Quarterly

In the early 1980s, leftist guerrillas in Guatemala blew up bridges, ambushed army convoys, and attacked military outposts. A decade later, the fighting in Guatemala’s civil war is winding down. Combat between the government and the guerrillas now occurs in only a few departments and only a few times each year. But political violence, almost

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Guatemalan Army Crushes Land Protest
By Frank Smyth, April 7, 1992, The Christian Science Monitor

San Jorge la Laguna — Security forces have ignored the exhortations of Roman Catholic Church officials and other mediators in a local land dispute here and violently put down a two-week-old indigenous peasant occupation of disputed land. Mediators were still hoping to find a peaceful resolution when military riot police attacked on Saturday.

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Death of an Anthropologist
By Frank Smyth, March 1, 1992, The Progressive

An unusual cartoon appeared recently in a Guatemalan newspaper. It showed the small figure of Helen Mack swinging a hammer, chipping away at a towering brick wall that symbolized more than thirty-seven years of military impunity. Helen Mack is leading her family’s investigation of the September 1990 assassination of her sister, Myrna…

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Our Guys in Guatemala
By Frank Smyth, March 1, 1992, The Progressive

The women wore white gúipils embroidered with pastel flowers and a thin brown trim. The men’s pants were of a matching design, cut off below the knee. The people of Santiago de Atitlán –more than 5,000 of them– marched the half mile out of town to the site of the former army garrison. “Here,” said one, “we are planting the peace.”

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Guatemalan Murder Probe Beset by Irregularities
By Frank Smyth, January 7, 1992, The Christian Science Monitor

HER short stature and soft voice were deceiving. Among Guatemala’s highland Indians she was a legend. Among her colleagues in North America and Europe she was a rising academic star. An ethnic Chinese Guatemalan, Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang had become one of Latin America’s most eminent anthropologists. Her research focused on Guatemala’s nearly 1 million indigenous refugees…

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Who Killed Guatemala’s Leading Anthropologist?
By Frank Smyth, September 3, 1991, The Village Voice

GUATEMALA CITY — Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang was Guatemala’s most respected anthropologist. Her work with the country’s indigenous refugees — displaced by the military’s severe counter-insurgency practices — was internationally renowned. But on September 11, 1990…

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