The Holy Warrior: Is This the Man Behind the Bombings?
By Peter Bergen & Frank Smyth, August 31, 1998, The New Republic

Osama bin Ladin is not an easy man to find, and he plans on keeping it that way. A multi-millionaire from Saudi Arabia, he is considered by the U.S. government to he “one of the most significant financial sponsors…

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One Man’s Private Jihad
By Frank Smyth & Jason Vest, August 18, 1998, The Village Voice

He became a potentially hostile blip on the U.S. intelligence radar screen as early as 1991, when he arrived in Sudan. He said he had come to build roads, but according to a former Sudanese intelligence agent who spoke on the condition of anonymity…

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Still Seeing Red: The CIA Fosters Death Squads in Colombia
By Frank Smyth, June 3, 1998, The Progressive

Back in 1989, the CIA built its first counter-narcotics center in the basement of its Directorate of Operations headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Since then, the newly renamed “crime and narcotics center” has increased four-fold, says CIA spokeswoman Anya Guilsher…

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Colombia’s Gringo Invasion
By Frank Smyth & Winifred Tate, May 3, 1997, Covert Action Quarterly

The US military boasts that its Army Special Forces or “Green Berets” are “the most versatile special operations soldiers in the world.”1 While serving under the Department of Defense (DoD), members of these units, trained in unconventional warfare…

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La Mano Blanca en Colombia
By Frank Smyth, January 3, 1997, Transnational Institute

La CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) ha respaldado por mucho tiempo a sus aliados anticomunistas quienes, durante su relación con la CIA o después, han traficado drogas. Esto no es sorprendente.

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Colombia’s Blowback
By Frank Smyth, January 3, 1997, Transnational Institute

EDITOR’S NOTE: The article below by investigative journalist Frank Smyth was published last Fall by the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam) and Accion Andina (Cochabomba, Bolivia) as a chapter titled, “La Mano Blanca en Colombia,” in the book, Crimen Uniformado [Crime in Uniform]: entre la corrupcion y la impunidad (1997). It appears in Antifa Info-Bulletin with the

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My Enemy’s Friends: In Guatemala, the DEA fights the CIA
By Frank Smyth, June 5, 1995, The New Republic

Why did the Guatemalan military kill American innkeeper Michael DeVine? In April of this year, acting CIA Director William 0. Studeman and other U.S. officials implicated Colonel Julio Roberto Alpírez, who was on the CIA payroll at the time of the crime, in the June 1990 killing…

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