U.S. shouldn’t rely on Iraq’s yes men
By Frank Smyth, May 5, 2004, Newsday

How did we end up in such a fix in Iraq? We did what we have long done abroad: We sought out not the foreigners whom we still need to work with, but the exiles who were most like us. The practice of imposing unpopular proxies hardly began with this Bush administration…

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Il ricordo di un amico perso nel terrore di Saddam
By Frank Smyth, June 3, 2003, International Herald Tribune

Il rovesciamento del regime di Saddam Hussein in Iraq ha liberato un torrente di ricordi repressi, racconti di torture, sparizioni ed esecuzioni sbrigative.

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Remembering a Friend Lost to Saddam’s Terror
By Frank Smyth, June 3, 2003, International Herald Tribune

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq has unleashed a torrent of repressed memories – tales of torture, disappearance, and summary executions. Iraqis searching for long-lost relatives and friends broke…

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Between Tyranny and Bombs: A Review of “Baghdad Diaries”
By Frank Smyth, May 14, 2003, The Washington Post

Try to imagine yourself or your family living in Baghdad over the past decade, enduring tyranny, privation and wars. What if your family came from the old ruling guard but the quality of your life had only eroded under President Saddam Hussein’s regime?

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Waiting for the Anti-Saddam Revolt: Where Is It?
By Frank Smyth, April 17, 2003, LAWeekly

Why aren’t more Iraqis rising up against President Saddam Hussein? Most likely, many remember what happened the last time they followed U.S. instructions to rise up against him.

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Contra Saddam Hussein: Porque no hubo insurreccion
By Frank Smyth, April 17, 2003, Desde El Salvador

¿Por qué los iraquíes no se sublevaron en contra de Saddam Hussein? Lo más seguro es que muchos recuerdan la última vez que lo hicieron después de seguir las instrucciones comandadas por los Estados Unidos.

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Iraq: Telling the Left from the Right
By Frank Smyth, February 28, 2003, LAWeekly

HOW MANY AMERICANS WHO OPPOSE THE LOOMING war know the left from the right when it comes to Iraq? The only two players on the field are not George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein.

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