How the NRA became the fringe
By Frank Smyth, January 28, 2013, MSNBC

Today’s NRA’s interpretation of the Second Amendment seems to put it to the right of not only most Americans, including most gun owners, but also the Roberts Supreme Court and even Justice Antonin Scalia…

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Caveat utilitor: Satellite phones can always be tracked
By Frank Smyth, April 10, 2012, The Comittee to Protect Journalists

The Telegraph in London was the first to report that Syrian government forces could have “locked on” to satellite phone signals to launch the rocket attacks that killed journalists Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik…

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Jammeh ‘Award’ Coverage Reflects Chill in Gambian Press
By Frank Smyth, September 24, 2010, The Comittee to Protect Journalists

The claims are false. Regarding “your query asking for confirmation of Gambian reporting on the Gambian president receiving awards and a letter from President Obama,” White House National Security Council…

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U.S. Arms for Terrorists?
By Frank Smyth, June 13, 2005, The Nation

The Colombian police heard in early May that a big deal was going down inside a gated luxury community southwest of Bogotá. On May 3 they followed Colombian suspects, two of whom turned out to be retired Colombian Army officers, to a house filled with twenty-nine metal crates of arms and 32,000 rounds…

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Remembering a Friend Lost to Saddam’s Terror
By Frank Smyth, June 3, 2003, International Herald Tribune

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq has unleashed a torrent of repressed memories – tales of torture, disappearance, and summary executions. Iraqis searching for long-lost relatives and friends broke…

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Contra Saddam Hussein: Porque no hubo insurreccion
By Frank Smyth, April 17, 2003, Desde El Salvador

¿Por qué los iraquíes no se sublevaron en contra de Saddam Hussein? Lo más seguro es que muchos recuerdan la última vez que lo hicieron después de seguir las instrucciones comandadas por los Estados Unidos.

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Heroes of the Revolution: Cuban Ingenuity Keeps American Classics Running
By Frank Smyth, March 3, 1999, Automobile

SOUTH OF HAVANA, CUBA –The white 57 Dodge convertible has perfect banana yellow underpanels with tall matching fins, even though its passenger…

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