The Untouchable Narco-State: Guatemala’s Army defies DEA
By Frank Smyth, November 18, 2005, The Texas Observer

The alert went out across the state this past July. A McAllen-based FBI analyst wrote a classified report that the Department of Homeland Security sent to U.S. Border Patrol agents throughout Texas. About 30 suspects who were once part of an elite unit of the Guatemalan special forces were training drug traffickers in paramilitary tactics

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U.S. Arms for Terrorists?
By Frank Smyth, June 13, 2005, The Nation

The Colombian police heard in early May that a big deal was going down inside a gated luxury community southwest of Bogotá. On May 3 they followed Colombian suspects, two of whom turned out to be retired Colombian Army officers, to a house filled with twenty-nine metal crates of arms and 32,000 rounds…

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Behind the Badge: Meet the GOP’s Law Enforcement Front Group
By Frank Smyth, July 30, 2004, The Texas Observer

Kirk Watson cannot forget the first time he saw it. Watson, a former Austin mayor, was running as the Democratic nominee for state attorney general. Only about 10 days remained before the 2002 November election. His campaign was in full gear. On…

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Drug War Blues
By Frank Smyth, May 3, 2001, The SAIS Review

What kind of a man would stand up to the Republican mayor of New York, Rudolph Guliani, and tell him flat out that he is wrong? Tell him, “No, Rudy, just busting addicts doesn’t clean up the streets like you say…

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Guatemala’s Narco-military
By Frank Smyth, November 18, 1999,

No country so small has ever moved so much cocaine north. Earlier in this decade, about 50 to 75 metric tons of cocaine passed through Guatemala each year, according to the State Department.

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A Brave Guatemalan Judge Challenges Corrupt Brass Hats
By Frank Smyth, August 13, 1999, The Wall Street Journal

Something new and promising happened in Guatemala last month when Judge Marco Tulio Molina Lara sentenced ex-Army Lt. Col. Carlos Ochoa Ruiz to 14 years in prison for trafficking in cocaine.

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Heroes of the Revolution: Cuban Ingenuity Keeps American Classics Running
By Frank Smyth, March 3, 1999, Automobile

SOUTH OF HAVANA, CUBA –The white 57 Dodge convertible has perfect banana yellow underpanels with tall matching fins, even though its passenger…

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