Corinne Dufka
By Webmaster, September 26, 2010, Colleagues´ Corner

Dufka, now a Human Rights Watch senior researcher, was an award-winning photojournalist for the Reuters news agency, covering conflicts in Central America, Europe and Africa.

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Rwanda’s Butchers: the Interahamwe and Former Rwandan Army
By Frank Smyth, November 3, 1996, Jane's Intelligence Review

Military history will record the Interahamwe and allied Rwandan soldiers uniquely. Back in April 1994, they achieved a dramatic tactical success, while failing…

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Central African Conflict: Rwanda and Burundi Sink into Abyss of a Long War
By Frank Smyth, August 30, 1996, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

NYAMIAGABE, Rwanda – Recent killings by Hutu rebels in Rwanda and Burundi, and retaliatory attacks by the Tutsi-dominated army in each country indicate that the…

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People in the Mist
By Frank Smyth, January 3, 1995, Escape

Well over six feet tall, Louis Nzeyimana has long arms and legs, a strong build and high cheekbones. A veterinary scientist who worked with Rwanda’s mountain gorillas until the country imploded in April, Nzeyimana is an obvious Tutsi, like the vast majority of the 300,000 to 500,000 Rwandans killed in recent months…

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The Horror: Rwanda, a history lesson
By Frank Smyth, June 20, 1994, The New Republic

For most of the world, Rwanda’s dark spasm of violence seemed to come out of nowhere. It didn’t. Though the bloodiness of the killing fields is unprecedented, the country, at least in its post-colonial existence, has been subject to a number of massacres: some took place…

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