Next test: insurgents
By Frank Smyth, February 1, 2005, Newsday

The Bush administration looks like it has finally scored a ringing success in Iraq. But, if one objective of Sunday’s elections was to help defeat Iraq’s ongoing insurgencies, then the exercise failed.

The question now is how Iraq’s next government will handle the insurgents. Before Sunday, they threatened voters. But U.S. troops led the effort to secure polling stations, while more than half of Iraq’s eligible voters defied insurgent threats and exercised their first real chance for self-empowerment in history.

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Hasty elections could divide Iraq
By Frank Smyth, October 8, 2004, Newsday

No matter which candidate wins in November, he will face his first challenge in Iraq. President George W. Bush keeps promising that Iraq’s first national elections will be held in January, even if they only take place, as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said…

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Quienes son los Progresistas en Irak?
By Frank Smyth, September 30, 2004, Desde El Salvador

Un evento en Baghdad pasó sin ser reportado por la tradicional prensa escrita, e incluso la “alternativa”, a pesar de que ello implica que el poder de Estados Unidos sobre el futuro político de Irak puede estar menguando.

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Who Are the Progressives in Iraq?: The Left, the Right, and the Islamists
By Frank Smyth, September 21, 2004, Foreign Policy in Focus

One event in Baghdad went unreported this month, not only by the mainstream media but also by the “alternative” press, even though it implies that U.S. control over Iraq’s political future may already be waning…

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Behind the Badge: Meet the GOP’s Law Enforcement Front Group
By Frank Smyth, July 30, 2004, The Texas Observer

Kirk Watson cannot forget the first time he saw it. Watson, a former Austin mayor, was running as the Democratic nominee for state attorney general. Only about 10 days remained before the 2002 November election. His campaign was in full gear. On…

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Estado Unidos no debería confiar en los hombres “yes” de Irak
By Frank Smyth, May 11, 2004, Desde El Salvador

¿Cómo terminamos con tantos aprietos en Irak? Porque hicimos lo que hemos hecho por largo tiempo: Buscamos no a los extranjeros con quienes todavía necesitamos trabajar, sino a los exiliados que fueran más parecidos a nosotros.

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Waiting for the Anti-Saddam Revolt: Where Is It?
By Frank Smyth, April 17, 2003, LAWeekly

Why aren’t more Iraqis rising up against President Saddam Hussein? Most likely, many remember what happened the last time they followed U.S. instructions to rise up against him.

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