Dana Loesch follows NRA playbook in Town Hall meeting by deflecting questions, avoiding fundamental conversation about gun access

Parkland student Emma Gonzalez’s question was on point, but NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch never answered it.

What’s behind the AR-15’s allure, and why we must restrict its sale if we want to limit future mass shootings

The weapon is a modification of the M-16 rifle. Its round is designed to maximize damage to tissue and bone.

Five Years After Sandy Hook, Major U.S. Papers Still Have a Serious Gun Problem

The news and opinion section at each The New York Times and The Washington Post are out of synch whether to identify “independent” gun rights scholar David Kopel’s NRA funding.

Swamp Things: Texas Governor Abbott’s Debt to the Gun Lobby

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott is hardly the only elected official to benefit from the gun lobby. But his story reveals how they hide in the swamp,

Gun Reform Needs Grassroots Activists Not Astroturf

http://progressive.org/dispatches/gun-reform-needs-grassroots-activists-not-astroturf/ Talk of gun reform after the Las Vegas country music massacre has faded within just weeks. Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, has made a plea to regulate “bump stocks,” a marginal step, and Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, has introduced gun legislation he predicts will fail. Conservative pundits are declaring gun reform will never […]

“The Price of Freedom”: For the Gun Lobby, Mass Shootings Cannot Be Avoided

“This is the price of freedom,” former, disgraced Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly wrote Monday on his own website hours after the Las Vegas country music concert shooting.

Four Years after Sandy Hook, the NRA Continues the Arming of America

“I don’t think it’s quite game over,” said Jonathan E. Lowy, legal director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “But there are reasons to be concerned.”