If you wish to contact Frank, please use the form below, or scroll down for more secure options.

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If you prefer to communicate in a more secure manner, please consider the options below:

If you have a PGP key and know how to use it, you may send an encrypted message to me using Frank’s PGP Public Key.

A much easier but equally secure option would be to sign up for proton mail, a free encrypted email service hosted in Switzerland and protected by Swiss privacy laws. You may wish to use a pseudonym instead of your real name. Then send a note directly to me at franksmyth@protonmail.com.

However, when using any email-based encryption service, if you wish to also protect your identity and avoid leaving any personal trace of our communication, you may wish to use Tor to mask your ISP or Internet Service Provider connection. Or you may wish to bring your personal machine to a public WiFi connection to send your note, which might then include Meta data identifying the send point as being, say, from a Starbuck’s in the DuPont Circle area of Washington, as opposed to your office or home.

Another secure option would be to send a note to me at Wickr Me, which is a free encrypted instant messaging service. Create an anonymous account for yourself on Wickr Me, and then send a note to me at franksmyth. Using Wickr Me could still possibly reveal your device ID. But Wickr Me is also very easy to use and has built-in measures designed to protect you.

Another option would be to request or find my cell phone number to find me on either WhatsApp or Signal. However, since these apps require a cell phone number on both ends, the message will be secure but your identity could still be revealed.

For more about these and other options, please see the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self-Defense guide.